Jacked Up Tacos all began with a friendship born and built around great food and a shared plate of tacos. Isai Eli Vargas and Gene Realin realized their shared passion for good food and became best of friends! They dreamed of owning their own food truck, so they could bring their love of food, culture and favorite recipes to everyone they could meet! They started experimenting with a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle; eating cleaner, fewer meats and dairy. The Jacked Up Taco Truck was born! Serving up a flavorful mix of grilled Jackfruit, tossed in a Chipotle BBQ Sauce topped with a sweet tangy cilantro-lime cabbage slaw, cilantro garlic crema and a french fried potato sticks. Come visit the big, green plant powered truck to see what the hype is all about! Where flavor is never compromised for diet, and where vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians can get their taco and street food cravings fix!

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